Marshals Of The Revolution-New Roots Country Music and Lifestyle Brand Has Arrived

Industry vet and American Roots Records founder, Jeffrey Catton, announces the launch of his new music and lifestyle brand, Marshals of the Revolution. “Living by the Golden Rule” is the mantra of the new brand along with new authentic Roots, Rock and Country music to be heard.

Catton has had much success with breakout artist, Jacob Bryant, reaching number one on the iTunes Country Chart and achieving more that 36 million streams and video views on Bryant’s single, “Pour Whiskey On My Grave.” That success and a desire to bring other authentic voices into the mix fueled his desire to launch Marshals Of The Revolution and sign the Chris Weaver Band and Vonn Kiss and the Dark Horses.

“Positioned in an ever growing Country – Roots market, Marshals Of The Revolution is committed to providing support to gifted artists with unique voices who exemplify the American Independent spirit in their music. Building out a community of music and musicians that deserve international attention is at the core of what we hope to accomplish along the way with MOTR,” said Catton.

In a world full of turmoil and unrest, Marshals Of The Revolution encourages living and treating others as you would want to be treated and making some damn good music along the way. A simple message that anyone and everyone can embrace.

To find out more, visit the MOTR official site, or check out their Spotify music playlist featuring the best in Roots, Rock, and Country music.